1. Postdoctoral Position in The Biomedical Optics Laboratory at the University of Houston

    Postdoctoral Position in The Biomedical Optics Laboratory at the University of Houston

    The Biomedical Optics Laboratory (http://www.egr.uh.edu/bol/) in Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Houston, TX invites applications for a postdoctoral scholar position in the area of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging and biophotonics. The initial appointment will be full-time, for a 12 month period. Salary will be based on level of experience. Renewal of the appointment will be contingent upon the availability of adequate funding and performance. The position is available immediately and review of the applications is ongoing. Applicants must have strong experience and interest in OCT system development and software engineering (using LabView , C/C++, OpenMP, multithreading).



    All candidates should have a strong experimental background in OCT development and software programming using LabView, Mathlab and C/C++ (coupled with NI-SCOPE, AlazarTech, NI-IMAQ, NI-DAQmx support) for OCT setups.



    Kirill Larin, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    University of Houston

    4800 Calhoun Rd., 3605 Cullen Blvd, Room 2028

    Houston, TX 77204-5060

    Phone: 832-842-8834

    Email: klarin@uh.edu

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