1. Free Use of OCT Imaging System for One Month Sponsored by Thorlabs and OCT News


    Thorlabs, in collaboration with OCT News, is pleased to offer FREE use of a 1300 nm Swept Source OCT Imaging System for one month to two qualified research groups.

    [This event has expired] Thorlabs is dedicated to promoting photonics-based research around the world and has a long history of collaborating with and supporting academic and other non-profit institutions. Our mission is to help advance the photonics industry by providing optical products inspired by true customer needs. We also have a rapidly growing family of imaging-related products including a variety of OCT imaging systems. In particular, Thorlabs' best selling OCT system is the OCS1300SS Swept Source Imaging System. The OCS1300SS provides 12 micron depth resolution (in air) and up to 3 mm imaging depth at speeds up to 16,000 lines per second.

    We recognize the challenges that come with not-for-profit research, especially the financial constraints that can inhibit progress. As an outreach to such groups, Thorlabs, in collaboration with OCT News, is offering two institutions FREE use of an OCS1300SS OCT system for a period of one month, each. If you are interested in applying or learning more about this offer please click the banner above, and submit a short description of your planned research, by October 1st, 2010. The systems will be loaned during the months of November and December 2010.

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