1. PhD scholarship in non-contact assessment of food quality using optical imaging methods at Technical University of Denmark

    PhD scholarship in non-contact assessment of food quality using optical imaging methods at Technical University of Denmark

    DTU Fotonik seeks a qualified candidate for a vacant PhD position. Candidates are invited to apply following the online procedure below.

    Project description
    The aim of the research project is to relate relevant food quality characteristics to optical properties of the food material. In particular, utilizing multiple scattering effects to quantify parameters such as scatterer size, orientation, and density distributions. In this project, different methodologies will be investigated. One method is based on extracting optical properties from diffuse reflectance profiles relating the optical properties to the physical properties of the sample. Another method is based on optical coherence microscopy from which optical properties can also be extracted. The methods should be analysed, compared and applied to specially developed food samples. The main challenge will be to establish a relation between the measured optical properties and the physical properties of sample(s) thereby allowing simple, fast, and non-contact analysis of food products.

    The Ph.D.-project is part of the newly formed Center for Imaging Food Quality (CIFQ) funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council.

    Detailed project description.

    Candidates should have a Master’s degree in engineering or a similar degree at an equivalent academic level.

    The successful candidate should have documented a theoretical as well as experimental background in optics and photonics. Experience within biophotonics would be preferred, for example optical coherence tomography or optical coherence microscopy.

    Approval and Enrolment
    The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes of DTU. For information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies, please see the DTU PhD Guide.

    Salary and appointment terms
    The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current rules for PhD degree students. The period of employment is 3 years.

    The application must be received no later than 20 September 2010 by using the online-system. Please open the link below “apply for this job online” and fill in the application form. Your application must include following documents:

    • Curriculum Vitae
    • A letter motivating the application
    • Grade transcrips and BSc/MSc diploma
    • Conversion of grade average to Danish grades (use spreadsheet).

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    All applicants will receive an answer no later than October 2010.

    All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

    You can read more about this position and DTU Fotonik at www.fotonik.dtu.dk and here.

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