1. Program Manager Highlights Laser Science, Technology

    Program Manager Highlights Laser Science, Technology

    WASHINGTON | The word “laser” evokes an array of retro-futuristic images, from spy movie villains’ evil schemes to space-age firefights. Howard Schlossberg, Air Force Office of Scientific Research program manager, knows the realities of laser technology. As a graduate student in 1962, only two years after the laser was invented, Schlossberg began his career in the field. In that time, he’s seen the laser develop from a single concentrated beam of visible light from a ruby laser into many different tools useful in medicine, mass production, communications, defense and numerous other fields. Schlossberg participated in a “DoD Live” bloggers roundtable ...

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    1. OCT is also becoming enormously important in diagnosing and understanding cardiac disease as well as understanding diseases of the windpipe...We're still funding work to study airway injury in windpipes due to smoke inhalation or chemical inhalation. And again, we're using OCT to do that.
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