1. LLNL scientists and engineers capture six awards for top industrial innovations

    LLNL scientists and engineers capture six awards for top industrial innovations
    LIVERMORE, Calif. — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers are the recipients of six awards among the top 100 industrial innovations worldwide in 2009. Seeing the retina at the cellular level. A new clinical instrument, a microelectromechanical systems-based Adaptive Optics Optical Coherence Tomography device, developed by researchers from LLNL and other institutions, permits ophthalmologists to see the eye’s retina at the individual cell level. With this capability, doctors will be able to obtain early diagnoses and follow the progession of retinal diseases, as well as track the progress of genetic therapies that reverse such diseases. The instrument uses the same adaptive ...
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    1. I am extraordinarily proud that the Laboratory has received this outstanding recognition through the R&D 100 awards this year...Once again, the Laboratory has succeeded in winning acclaim in a wide range of research areas. These LLNL teams are using their world-class capabilities and external partnerships to help solve difficult challenges in the global interest
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