1. Lantis Laser Signs Letter of Intent to Merge With Perio-Imaging Inc.

    Lantis Laser Signs Letter of Intent to Merge With Perio-Imaging Inc.
    Lantis Laser Inc. (OTCBB:LLSR) (http://www.lantislaser.com), announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent to merge with Perio-Imaging Inc., a private New York based company. The merger would be an all stock transaction and closing, among other conditions, would be subject to raising the required funding to complete the proposed merged company's product development program. The name of the new merged company will be announced upon closing.
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    1. We are excited about the merger with Lantis as this creates a company with what we believe are the best solutions to enhance the dentists' ability to make earlier, more accurate diagnoses, better treatment plans and enhanced outcomes. Most critically, we believe that the combined company will offer a very attractive business model with a diverse set of technologies and quicker time to market.
    2. We firmly believe that there are strong synergies between the respective companies' technologies which could be sold in an integrated chairside platform or as standalone devices. With this combination, we expect that the new merged company would become a key leader not only in the area of early detection of decay but also of periodontal disease. Despite advances in dental health, these diseases are still very prevalent and trends towards early detection and minimally invasive treatment require a level of diagnostic capabilities not currently available.
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