1. Simple Equations Power Scott Carney's Research

    Simple Equations Power Scott Carney's Research
    Like any good theoretical physicist, Scott Carney likes explanations that are simple yet – in his discipline’s most praiseworthy adjective – elegant. For Carney, a Beckman Institute researcher with a focus on theoretical optics, the explanation that best serves his work is Maxwell’s equations, a set of four equations describing the fundamentals of electromagnetism. “Your life is dominated by electromagnetism and gravity, and gravity is simple,” Carney explained in his third floor Beckman office, using elements at hand to illustrate the point. “Maxwell’s equations dominate your experience in this world, from the light in this room to the extremely ...
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    1. I’ve been doing a lot of work in OCT with Stephen Boppart and spectroscopy with Rohit Bhargava and outside collaborators to take this 140-year-old piece of physics, Maxwell’s equations, put a little bit of fancy mathematics around it, and make new predictions about the way the world works.
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