1. Feature Of The Week 4/25/10: New Developments Intra-Coronary Optical Coherence Tomography

    Feature Of The Week 4/25/10: New Developments Intra-Coronary Optical Coherence Tomography

    Feature Of The Week 4/25/10: The development of sophisticated software imaging processing algorithms for Optical Coherence Tomography continues to be a hot area for both academic researchers and the OCT industry. Both the research community and the industrial sector see this as an opportunity for differentiation as the underlying hardware technology becomes more mature.

    In ophthalmology the level of imaging processing sophistication has reached impressive levels as a result of almost 20 years of commercial use and a boost from Fourier domain OCT detection techniques enabling faster imaging and larger data sets. Not far behind in OCT imaging processing is the field of cardiology.

    For example Giovanni UghiDr. Tom Adriaenssens, and others working at the Medical Imaging Research Center and the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium has been working on a very hot topic in cardiovascular OCT imaging processing: Automatic segmentation of stent struts and stent strut coverage in the OCT images. Such processing is critically important to see how different stent types behave in-vivo and in order to test the effect of new drugs on stent coverage. The attached presentation describes work on a tool for automatic segmentation and assessment of stent apposition that already been recently implemented. A tool for stent-strut coverage is in development.

    Future imaging processing research at University of Leuven and elsewhere around the world will include advances in other types of automated metrics; quantitative measurements of backscattering, tissue attenuation and absorption coefficients; 3-D reconstruction; fusion of IVUS (or other imaging modalities) and OCT images, and ultimately quantitative analysis of tissue characterization of virtual histology including plaque differentiation and risk assessment.

    Courtesy Giovanni Ughi (giovanni.ughi AT uz.kuleuven.ac.be). Click "Full Screen" for better viewing.

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