1. Femto lasers in cataract surgery

    Femto lasers in cataract surgery
    Using lasers to perform certain parts of cataract extraction harkens back to the days when Nd:YAG for posterior capsulotomy was first introduced. These days, the interest in using lasers has increased, as three companies are developing or have brought femtosecond technology to the cataract surgeon. These new lasers have the means of not only removing the cataract, but of creating precise capsulorhexis and treating astigmatism via limbal relaxing incisions. The three companies working on these lasers are: LenSx Lasers (Aliso Viejo, Calif.), LensAR (Winter Park, Fla.), and Optimedica (Santa Clara, Calif.). EyeWorld spoke with the medical monitors or key ...
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    1. LenSx is using optical coherence tomography which may or may not offer potential advantages.
    2. Optimedica uses real time intraoperative OCT [optical coherence tomography] visualization to determine the relevant dimensions of the anterior chamber and the thickness of the cornea and the lens
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