1. Bayesian Machine Learning Classifiers for Combining Structural and Functional Measurements to Classify Healthy and Glaucomatous Eyes

    purpose. To determine whether combining structural (optical coherence tomography, OCT) and functional (standard automated perimetry, SAP) measurements as input for machine learning classifiers (MLCs; relevance vector machine, RVM; and subspace mixture of Gaussians, SSMoG) improves diagnostic accuracy for detecting glaucomatous eyes compared with using each measurement method alone. methods. Sixty-nine eyes of 69 healthy control subjects (average age, 62.0, SD 9.7 years; visual field mean deviation [MD], –0.70, SD 1.41 dB) and 156 eyes of 156 patients with glaucoma (average age, 66.4, SD 10.2 years; visual field MD, –3.12, SD 3.43 dB ...
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