1. Michelson Diagnostics Expands Sales and Customer Support Team

    Michelson Diagnostics Expands Sales and Customer Support Team

    (Orpington, UK) March 23, 2010 -- Michelson Diagnostics (MDL) the leading provider of clinical OCT imaging systems is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to their sales team.  Dr. David Heard has been appointed Sales Manager and will be responsible for developing worldwide sales for both clinical and non-clinical applications.  Dr. Daniel Woods has joined as Senior Imaging Scientist and will provide additional technical expertise for customers in Medical and Biological fields.

    David Heard


    David Heard was previously at Santec Corporation where he has led their European Sales and Marketing team for the last 12 years.  David has a D.Phil. from Oxford University and also seven years experience working in optics research for Sharp Corporation.  David said “I have been involved in OCT for the past six years.  The technology is now at a point where clinicians are recognizing its benefits for a wide range of applications.  I am delighted to join MDL and assist our customers to further exploit this exciting technology.”Daniel Wood


    Daniel Wood studied for his PhD in OCT under Prof. Adrian Podoleanu at the University of Kent.  He subsequently moved to the University of Leiden Medical Center where he developed optical imaging techniques for the hospital’s obstetrics department.  “I’m excited to be in a position to find new applications for OCT.  Development of the technology has been my life for seven years, it’s an extremely adaptable imaging modality and I’m eager to see it realize its full potential.”


    CEO Jon Holmes commented “Michelson Diagnostics is now poised for growth, and I am very pleased that David and Dan have joined us. Their commercial and technical experience will be invaluable in responding quickly and effectively to the strong flow of sales enquiries that we are experiencing.” 


    About Michelson Diagnostics

    Michelson Diagnostics was founded in 2006; it is privately owned and based in Kent, U.K.  The company develops imaging products using a technology called Multi-Beam Optical Coherence Tomography.  The technology provides real time images of up to 2mm into tissue with a resolution of better than 10 microns.


    The company’s products include the EX1301 OCT Microscope which is used by researchers in a variety of fields including genetics research, tissue engineering and industrial metrology; and the VivoSight OCT scanner which has CE and 510(k) clearance for use to aid clinical judgments in the field of dermatology. Potential applications of VivoSight include non-melanoma skin cancer screening and guiding skin cancer surgery.


    Further Information

    Further information about Michelson Diagnostics is available on the Internet at http://www.md-ltd.co.uk/ or by email to enquiries@md-ltd.co.uk.




    For clinical use in the US FDA 510(k) K093520 applies:

    - The VivoSight Topical OCT system is indicated for use in the two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time imaging of external tissues of the human body.This indicated use allows imaging of tissue microstructure, including skin, to aid trained and competent clinicians in their assessment of a patient's clinical conditions.


    - US Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


    The Michelson Diagnostics logo and the VivoSight name are the trademarks of Michelson Diagnostics Ltd and are registered in the UK, the US & throughout the European Union.


    Meghan J. O'Sullivan


    O'Sullivan Communications, Inc.

    42 Davis Road, Suite 1

    Acton, MA 01720



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