1. Calibration protocol for Fourier-domain OCT using optical fiber gratings

    Calibration protocol for Fourier-domain OCT using optical fiber gratings
    We present a calibration protocol to get the alignment factors of a custom-made spectrometer and the nonlinear fitting function between the measured CCD pixel domain and the wavelength domain to apply the Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) using optical fiber gratings. We have used 5 different center wavelength gratings covered the broadband source spectral range with a narrow spectral bandwidth (<0.05 nm) and the same reflectivity (>92 %) to calibrate and align the custom-made spectrometer. The implemented SD-OCT system following the proposed protocol showed the alignment factors as 44.37o incident angle, 53.11o diffraction angle, and 70.0 mm focal length. The spectral resolution of 0 ...
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