1. Use of Ultra-High-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography to Detect in Vivo Characteristics of Descemet's Membrane in Fuchs' Dystrophy

    Purpose: To demonstrate the capability of ultra-high-resolution (UHR) anterior segment optical coherence tomography (OCT) to image Descemet's membrane (DM) and measure its thickness in vivo. (2) To evaluate the use of DM characteristics and thickness in the diagnosis of Fuchs' dystrophy.Design: Case-control study.Participants: Twenty eyes of 12 Fuchs' dystrophy patients, 20 eyes of 13 young normal, and 20 eyes of 15 elderly normal subjects.Methods: Subjects were imaged using novel, custom-built UHR-OCT. Images were used to describe the characteristics of DM. Custom-made software was used to measure DM thickness and central corneal thickness (CCT). Specimens of DM ...
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