1. e2v partners with Bayspec to deliver leading OCT spectral engine

    e2v partners with Bayspec to deliver leading OCT spectral engine
    e2v, the leading designer, developer and manufacturer of CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and cameras, and Bayspec, Inc., a world leader in advanced spectroscopy solutions, have announced that their successful partnership has delivered a new Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) spectral engine. e2v’s new Aviiva EM4 linescan camera, incorporating an imaging sensor optimised for OCT, enables Bayspec’s DeepView spectrograph to perform at up to three times greater collection efficiency than standard Czerny-Turner spectrographs, while offering a 10 times improvement in the detector sensitivity signal/noise ratio. With a dynamic range of more than 68 dB and a line rate ...
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    1. The combination of our and Bayspec's expertise in this dedicated system has already raised great interest, and will make SD-OCT even more powerful and accessible to the research community and industrial markets.
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