1. Volcano Announces Installed Base Growth Milestone

    Placement of Over 2,500 s5 and s5i Multi-Modality Systems Highlights Continued Momentum versus Competition, Growing World-Wide Demand for Access to FFR and IVUS: Volcano Corporation (Nasdaq: VOLC), a leading developer of precision intravascular therapy guidance tools – including Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS), Forward Looking IVUS and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) – designed to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of coronary and peripheral vascular disease, announced today the placement of over 2,500 s5 family consoles worldwide. The s5 family of consoles was first launched in April 2006, with more than 1,000 systems placed in the last 12 ...
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    1. Reaching this milestone as quickly as we have is a clear demonstration of the strong demand for our diverse PCI guidance technology....Despite the challenging healthcare and economic environment in the U.S., Volcano has placed more systems in the past 12 months than at anytime in our history, and by our estimate, capturing more than 70% of all new IVUS systems placed in U.S. hospitals during this period.
    2. The most significant advantage Volcano has today stems from the many benefits of the s5i multi-modality system.
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