1. Michelson Diagnostics Wins Grant for Miniature OCT Probe Development

    Michelson Diagnostics Wins Grant for Miniature OCT Probe Development

    Michelson Diagnostics Ltd , the London, UK based developer and manufacturer of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) products, has won a £25,000 grant from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The grant is for a study into the feasibility of highly miniaturised OCT probes for cancer diagnoses. According to TSB data, seven hundred applications for funding were received, and Michelson Diagnostics application was one of just sixty-nine to be funded.


    Jon Holmes, CEO of Michelson Diagnostics, explained that the funded project will help Michelson determine which technologies to use in the development of practical rigid and/or flexible OCT probes, for attachment to the company’s ‘VivoSight’ multi-beam OCT platform.


    “In early 2009, we announced our intention to launch VivoSight with both a topical probe for skin, and a rigid endoscopic probe for internal use, and invited customer feedback. The topical probe has been a great success and has found many exciting applications in skin imaging. However, the customer feedback on the rigid probe was that we need a more compact design. We are now focusing on rigid designs with diameter < 6 mm, and flexible designs with diameter < 2.5 mm.”


    Mr. Holmes added that for the project he is interested in receiving approaches from development partners such as suppliers of miniature components, customers who can help specify the design, and commercial partners with an interest in applications for miniature OCT probes. “We will be seeking designs and technologies that can incorporate our multi-beam OCT intellectual property, in order to provide the best possible image quality to users”, he said.


    Prototype 6 mm diameter flexible probe developed by Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, pictured next to a penny.

     Michelson Diagnostics probe


    About Michelson Diagnostics

    Michelson Diagnostics is the leading innovator in the design and delivery of Multi-Beam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) products for scientific research and healthcare imaging. Founded in 2006, it is based in SE London, UK. www.michelsondiagnostics.com


    Jon Holmes can be contacted via enquiries@md-ltd.co.uk or the Michelson Diagnostics website.



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