1. Japanese research focus of BioOpto Japan

    Japanese research focus of BioOpto Japan

    The inaugural BioOpto Japan (September 16–17, Yokohama) was held in conjunction with LED Japan Conference & Expo/Strategies in Light and OITDA 2009; together the events drew 7132 people. The three shared a seamless exhibits layout, and the BioOpto conference (see Fig. 1), which featured biomedical optics researchers from all over Japan, was set up right in the exhibit hall. The Japanese-language conference covered topics such as photodynamic therapy (PDT; Prof. Tsunenori Arai of Keio University), medical application of hollow optical fiber (Prof. Yuji Matsuura of Tohoku University), orange fiber lasers (Kasunobu Kojima of Nidek Co. Ltd), optical coherence tomography ...

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    1. The application covers wide range, for example, an OCT swept light source, fluorescence spectrometer for the reaction of a living body, [and] a laser scanning microscope...We will try to replace these moving mirrors with our KTN scanner.
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