1. Nidek RS-3000 OCT/SLO System Brochure

    Nidek RS-3000 OCT/SLO System Brochure
    NIDEK is proud to announce its first release of advanced spectral domain OCT/confocal ophthalmoscope system, RS-3000 OCT "RetinaScan". The RS-3000 is the high-speed spectral domain OCT with the tradition of NIDEK, advanced auto-focus/auto Z alignment technology offers the combination of Precision and Ease-of-Use. Max. 50 image averaging 53, 000, 25, 000~27, 000 512 Conventional SD - OCT Time Domain - OCT A-scans / sec. 53,000 A-scans / sec. greatly helps to reduce the measurement time and minimize artifacts. The advanced speckle-noise-reduction system by averaging images provides 4 micron OCT digital resolution. Highresolution image shows the discrete retinal layers.
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