1. Feature Of The Week 10/4/09: DOCT imaging of cytoplasm shuttle flow in Physarum polycephalum

    Feature Of The Week 10/4/09: DOCT imaging of cytoplasm shuttle flow in Physarum polycephalum

    Feature Of The Week 10/4/09: Recently scientists from the University of Oulu and Lomonosov Moscow State University demonstrated a novel use of OCT in studying slime mold. The authors Dr. Alexander V. Bykov, Dr. Alexander V. Priezzhev, Mr. Janne Lauri, and Dr. Risto Myllylä revealed in their study the potential possibilities provided by OCT and Doppler OCT techniques for characterization of the complex autowave amoeboid type of the cellular motility of the slime mold Physarum polycephalum in the plasmodium phase of the life cycle. Such type of motility includes cyclic contractions of the gel-like walls of the plasmodial strands. These contractions generate the gradients of pressure which cause shuttle flow of the internal sol-like part of cytoplasm along the strands.

    The researchers applied Doppler OCT technique to imaging the oscillatory dynamics of cytoplasm including the case of short-time influence of a motility inhibitor. The OCT technique was used for imaging the radial contractions of the strand walls as well as for the determination of the scattering coefficient of Physarum cytoplasm for the different activity regimes.

    The work indicates that the application of the modern OCT and Doppler OCT techniques for the study of cellular dynamics will result in better understanding the cell vital functions. For more information see recent "Article".  Courtesy Alexander Bykov. For better viewing click "Full Screen".  NOTE SLIDE #2 TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD DUE TO LARGE EMBEDDED VIDEO.


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