1. Evaluating the anterior chamber angle with OCT

    Evaluating the anterior chamber angle with OCT
    Evaluating the anterior chamber angle is vexing for many clinicians due largely to the subjectivity of the task. Is that angle narrow? Is it occludable? There are potential consequences to making the wrong call, from an unnecessary procedure to a full-blown attach of angle-closure glaucoma. Nowhere is this issue more important than in Asia, where angle-closure glaucoma represents a much larger proportion of all glaucoma than in the United States. “Gonioscopy is the current reference standard to detect angle closure,” said Arun Narayanaswamy, M.D., Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore. “However, subjective influences govern its interpretation.” Lisandro Sakata, M.D ...
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    1. We excluded 522 subjects due to poor localization of the scleral spur in the AS-OCT images and 60 subjects due to image artifacts.
    2. This is the first community-based study to evaluate quantitative AS-OCT parameters for the detection of angle closure....Quantitative analysis of AS-OCT images is a promising approach for detecting angle closure.
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