1. Optical coherent tomographic (OCT) imaging apparatus and method using a fiber bundle

    A fiber-optic bundle based optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe method is demonstrated in a multimode optical fiber bundle based OCT system. The system can achieve a lateral resolution of 12 .mu.m and an axial resolution of 10 .mu.m using a super-luminescent diode source. This imaging approach eliminates any moving parts in the probe and has a primary advantage for use in extremely compact and safe OCT endoscopes to image internal organs and great potential to be combined with confocal endoscopic microscopy.
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    On 10/21/10 John Sibney said:
    Since 2004, Moptim imaging technical Ltd has cooperated with Graduate school at shenzhen Tsinghua University of China in OCT (optical coherence Tomography)。

    Recently ,we had developed some products : Non-invasive optical section for gems(OSG-1000), the OCT instrument for macular and the OCT instrument for anteror segment. Among these products,OSG-1000 is the leading technique in the world ;as the other two devices have been developed , the situation that the domestic market is monopolized by foreign products will be broken by them and they will also promote the development of ophthalmology.

    Moptim will keep on devoting itself to scientific research and technological development on medical instruments and provide high performance and high quality products at a fair price. We also determine to improve the quality of every product we do and to fulfill our responsibilities as a global enterprise.
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