1. Differentiating oral lesions in different carcinogenesis stages with optical coherence tomography

    A swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system is used to clinically scan oral lesions in different oral carcinogenesis stages, including normal oral mucosa control, mild dysplasia (MiD), moderate dysplasia (MoD), early-stage squamous cell carcinoma (ES-SCC), and well-developed SCC (WD-SCC), for diagnosis purpose. On the basis of the analyses of the SS-OCT images, the stages of dysplasia (MiD and MoD), and SCC (ES-SCC and WD-SCC) can be differentiated from normal control by evaluating the depth-dependent standard deviation (SD) values of lateral variations. In the dysplasia stage, the boundary between the epithelium (EP) and lamina propria (LP) layers can still be identified ...

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