1. Superior Imaging Performance of All-Fiber, Two-Focusing-Element Microendoscopes

    Superior Imaging Performance of All-Fiber, Two-Focusing-Element Microendoscopes

    All-fiber-optic imaging microendoscopes are emerging as an important tool in bioimaging studies, including those conducted with optical coherence tomography, but physical limitations constrain the achievable beam characteristics of designs using a single focusing element. These constraints are especially relevant for applications that require a long working distance, high resolution, and/or minimal probe diameter. Through detailed analysis based on ABCD matrix modelling, we show that side-viewing probes combining a graded-index (GRIN) fiber with a ball lens – GRIN-ball-lens probes (GBLPs) – offer superior performance over a range of numerical apertures and pave the way for a broader range of imaging applications. The ...

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