1. Quantum Optical Coherence Microscopy for Bioimaging Applications

    Quantum Optical Coherence Microscopy for Bioimaging Applications

    Quantum-optical coherence tomography (QOCT) is an optical sectioning modality based on the quantum interference of entangled photon pairs in the well-known Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer. Despite its promise, the technique is far from being competitive with current classical OCT devices due to the long required acquisition times, derived from the low photon-pair emission rates. In this work, we, on the one hand, demonstrate a quantum optical coherence microscopy technique, based on full-field QOCT, which employs entangled collinear photon pairs in a Linnik interferometer designed to overcome some of the limitations of previous QOCT implementations, and, on the other hand, test it on ...

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