1. In vivo Three-Dimensional Birefringence Analysis Shows Collagen Differences between Young and Old Photo-Aged Human Skin.

    Polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT) permits non-invasive visualization of dermal birefringence, mainly due to collagenous structures. The purpose of this study is to use PS-OCT to assess intrinsic-age-related and photo-age-related differences in three-dimensional dermal birefringence. We measured dermal birefringence of the cheek skin and photo-protected interior upper arm skin from old and young volunteers. The algorithm that we used automatically produces the transversal dermal birefringence map from the polarization-sensitive OCT volume. This allowed quantitative comparison and visualization of the transverse distribution of the dermal birefringence. We found that dermal birefringence of the cheek skin was significantly smaller in the old ...

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