1. OCT Macular Volume as a Predictor of Vascular Leakage in Uveitis

    OCT Macular Volume as a Predictor of Vascular Leakage in Uveitis

    Introduction This study aimed to evaluate the optical coherence tomography (OCT) macular volume as a marker for active vascular leakage in patients with intermediate and pan uveitis. Methods In this single-center prospective longitudinal study, patients were included under three criteria: diagnosed with noninfectious intermediate or pan uveitis; presented vascular leakage at their initial visit; and were imaged with concurrent wide-field fluorescein angiography (FA) and OCT. A scoring system was employed to measure vascular leakage. OCT volume scans were performed on the patients to produce the corresponding thickness map. The central subfield thickness (CST) and macular volume (MV) were calculated. CST ...

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