1. CEOs Look for Bright Spots

    CEOs Look for Bright Spots
    While some optical technology areas are experiencing high growth rates, that growth may be limited by the number of qualified workers available, and innovations are still needed in the production process. Those were a few of the conclusions reached during the CEO round table, "Optical Technologies – Bright Hopes in Times of Crisis," held during Laser World of Photonics 2009.
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    1. The market is growing, and Zeiss is growing at double-digits in the research market. The name of the game is innovation.
    2. We view the research market as almost recession-proof. I believe there will be a benefit from the stimulus package, but none of the money has flowed [to companies] yet.
    3. With optical engineers, or engineers in general, we don't have an issue, but it's harder to get software people.