1. Algorithm Scientist Open Position at Optovue

    Algorithm Scientist Open Position at Optovue

    Optovue (Visionix) is expanding and looking to recruit an experienced Algorithm developer. If you are creative, fascinated by OCT technology and not scared of challenges you belong with us!


    The Algorithm Scientist will be responsible for the design and implementation of image processing algorithms for ophthalmic diagnostic devices and applications. This role will also develop prototype algorithm/software to facilitate clinical research and evaluate clinical images/data to assess the feasibility for commercial products. Additionally, this position will interact with R&D engineers of various backgrounds and interact with clinical and scientific collaborators from within and outside of the company. 


    • Plan, design, implement, and optimize algorithms for ophthalmic imaging systems according to product requirements.
    • Develop advanced, reliable, and efficient algorithms for the motion correction, artifact reduction, registration, segmentation, analysis, classification, and visualization of medical imaging data.
    • Verify algorithm performance following company’s product development SOPs.
    • Plan, design, and implement new features in prototype/product software according to marketing and clinical research requirements.
    • Collaborate with other groups to resolve algorithm and software issues.
    • Interact with outside scientific and clinical collaborators to manage ongoing algorithm development/feasibility evaluation activities
    • Develop intellectual properties for new algorithms and new features.


    • Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, E.E., or Biomedical Engineering.
    • 2 years of experience in industry or academia desired in developing algorithms in image processing, analysis, classification, and related applications.
    • Strong C++ programming skills and familiar with IPP/OpenCV libraries.
    • Proficiency in developing multi-threaded applications.
    • Experience in machine learning algorithms and techniques.
    • Knowledge of medical image analysis, preferably in the field of ophthalmology.
    • Knowledge of algorithm optimization, high performance computing, and statistics.
    • Familiarity with software development process for medical devices.
    • Strong analytical and problem solving and debugging skills.
    • Strong communication skills.
    • Excellent teamwork.

    Point of contacts:

                Nancy Clausen – HR director (n.clausen@visionix.com)

                Haniel Abitbol – R&D manager (h.abitbol@visionix.com)



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