1. PhD student position available at the Leitgeb/Drexler Group at the Medical University of Vienna

    PhD student position available at the Leitgeb/Drexler Group at the Medical University of Vienna

    A PhD student position funded by the EU project SWIMMOT is now available in the Leitgeb/Drexler Group at the Medical University of Vienna. The junior and senior supervisors for this position are Dr. Mengyang Liu and Prof. Wolfgang Drexler, respectively. As an international collaborative project, SWIMMOT aims to use multimodal imaging systems to visualize contrast agent labeled tissues in zebrafish. The team of Prof. Beatriz Pelaz at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Dr. Stefan Schrittwieser at Austrian Institute of Technology, and Dr. Katerina Soulantica at Institut National des Sciences Appliquees Toulouse will develop biofunctionalized contrast agents. The team of Prof. Robin Kimmel at University of Innsbruck will provide the zebrafish model organisms. Our role in the project is to design, characterize, and apply multimodal OCT and photoacoustic imaging systems that are capable of imaging zebrafish at different stages.

    What are you going to do:
    Design and build an optical coherence photoacoustic tomography system capable of adult zebrafish imaging. The photoacoustic tomography part can take either the snapshot photoacoustic topography design or the all optical detection polymer film sensor design. The OCT part will be using a swept source. The final system also needs to accommodate magnetic coils for contrast agent activation. In addition, a VCSEL source OCT system featuring 2 MHz A line rate needs to be designed and incorporated into a piezoelectric transducer-based photoacoustic microscopy system.
    Candidates with a Master's degree in one of the following fields are preferred: electrical engineering, applied physics, biomedical engineering, optical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation. Programming skills in LabVIEW and MATLAB are highly recommended. Knowledge in CAD and 3D printing will also help.
    The research will be carried out at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, which is a leading center in the field of OCT. Two of the 2017 Russ Prize winners for the invention of OCT are from this center. The subject of Medical Technology is ranked 29 worldwide in 2022  by Shanghai Ranking. With almost 30 years of history doing OCT, our center has extensive collaboration with both leading industrial collaborators as well as frontline clinicians. The center is also equipped with an extensive list of additive manufacturing facilities as well as other biomedical engineering infrastructure ranging from ultrasound, CT, to PET and MRI. Diversity and scientific activities are also enabled in the center by various organizations such as the Science Board and the SPIE Student Chapter.
    The recruited student will be paid on a 30 hours/week basis according to the Austrian Science Fund standard. For the first 6 months, the student can live on campus in a subsidized dorm where the monthly rent is below €150/month. Throughout the PhD time, the student can also dine in the Vienna General Hospital Canteen at a discounted employee rate. Every year, the student will have 25 days paid vacation (can be consumed consecutively) as well as 11 days paid light compensation day (maximum 3 days in a row). Therefore in total there will be 36 days paid leave. Health insurance and social insurances are also provided.
    How to apply:
    Please send an email to mengyang.liu@meduniwien.ac.at with your CV. Interviews will then be scheduled with selected candidates.
    More information of the SWIMMOT project can be found here: https://www.swimmot.researchproject.at/home.php

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