1. Postdoctoral Position in Advanced Ophthalmic imaging at Johns Hopkins

    Postdoctoral Position in Advanced Ophthalmic imaging at Johns Hopkins

    Description: The Yi and Johnson labs at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and Dept of Biomedical Engineering are seeking candidates for one fully-funded postdoctoral position focused on developing multimodal 3D retinal imaging. The retina is the visual sensory organ and perceives >80% of information about the world around us. Retinal and optic nerve pathologies, such as glaucoma, can cause severe vision loss and blindness. Optical retinal imaging is particularly valuable in enabling high resolution rendering of 3D anatomical structures and functions using light, and thus plays important translational and clinical roles in evaluating and treating retinal disease.  As an optically accessible portion of the central nerve system, imaging of the retina can also provide unique generalizable insights into neurodegenerative disease. We are seeking a highly motivated scientist for an interdisciplinary research position at the junction of biomedical optics and regenerative medicine. The candidate will develop advanced retinal imaging devices to combine adaptive optics fluorescence imaging and optical coherence tomography, and collaborate with clinicians and biologist to ultimately advance neuronal replacement therapies. The project is expected to be transformative and highly translational. 

    Requirement: The position requires a PhD degree in a relevant scientific discipline, for example, optical engineering, electrical engineering, or biomedical engineering.  Candidates with experiences in optics, ophthalmic imaging, adaptive optics, optical coherence tomography will be highly competitive.  The candidate is expected to be motivated, dedicated and collaborative. 

    Environment: Would-renowned, top-notch academic environment and research collaboration at JHU is a unique place to be successful.  Both the Wilmer Eye Institute and Biomedical Engineering Department are leaders in their field. Both the Yi and Johnson labs are located in Smith Building (picture below), one of the newest and most modern buildings in the medical campus. The open and collaborative environment is exciting, and offers broad interdisciplinary interactions with basic and clinical scientists. 

    About us: Yi lab focuses on both technical innovations and clinical translation. Johnson lab focuses on developing novel methods for neuronal replacement in the retina to treat potentially blinding eye disease. Yi and Johnson have established strong interdisciplinary collaborations based on retinal imaging in multiple experimental models. We are committed to support and mentor candidates to be independent and successful in their academic career. 

    Contact: Please send inquiry and CV to the PIs (Ji Yi, Thomas V. Johnson) at jiyi@jhu.edu, johnson@jhmi.edu. 

    Visit www.yilab.org for more info.


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