1. Optical Engineering Opening at Aeon Imaging

    Optical Engineering Opening at Aeon Imaging

    Aeon Imaging seeks a hands-on optical engineer to build three prototypes for an ophthalmic diagnosis device, funded by a 2 year small business grant from NIH, available immediately.  Expertise in wavefront, adaptive optics, visual display, and retinal imaging are all used in this project.  Responsibilities include Zemax design of the overall device, realization of prototypes on breadboards, in vivo measurement with a Hartmann-Shack sensor to specify wavefront aberrations in the pupil plane for retinal reflections, implementing and optimizing the control loop for reduction of  wavefront errors when corrected with adaptive optics, applying the adaptive optics corrections to a high resolution visual display, quantification of residual errors of wavefront aberrations, collaborating with the software team on the display of visual stimuli including calibrations, responding to feedback from clinical collaborators, and providing interim and final reports of optical diagrams and measurements.  MS, PhD, or commensurate degree.  Administration duties and development of projects according to education and experience.  The benefits package is comparable to the local university dominated market.  Aeon Imaging, LLC, is an equal opportunity employer.

    For more information click: https://reporter.nih.gov/search/Skj5tREDDEq5AqGFJ7CUUg/projects

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