1. Endoscopic optical coherence tomography and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy in a murine colon cancer model

    Background and Objectives The diagnostic feasibility of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) have been evaluated for human colorectal cancer. This study applies these technologies to a murine model of colorectal adenoma. Study Design/Materials and Methods The lower colon of 10 ApcMin and two C57BL/6J mice was surveyed over five 4-week intervals using a prototype 2.0 mm diameter OCT-LIF endoscope-based system. Four categories were histologically classified: control C57BL/6J, adenomatous, non-diseased regions of adenomatous, and non-diseased ApcMin. OCT images were compared to histology. Spectra from the four categories were compared via the Student's t-test ...

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