1. Senior Staff Optical Engineer/Scientist Opening at Catapult Sky

    Senior Staff Optical Engineer/Scientist Opening at Catapult Sky

    About Us

    Company: Catapult Sky is a small but fast-growing product & technology development company with a focus on medical devices and life sciences industry. We are lucky to have diverse sets of clients, ranging from small startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations, that share similar values and focus on making a positive difference to global healthcare.

    Team and Mindset: Our goal is to build a team of deep subject matter experts with proven track record in diverse fields and areas including biomedical optics, medical devices, photonics and algorithms (AI/ML). Every team member at Catapult has an incredible opportunity to make an outsized impact on healthcare as we work on multiple innovative technological and product development projects ranging from ideation to commercialization. We apply hands-on approach, adaptive mindset, teamwork and strategic execution to deliver results and help our clients to achieve their product development and business growth goals.

    Your Role: The Optical Engineer / Scientist will work on several projects that involve design and development of next generation biomedical optical imaging and sensing systems for various applications including ophthalmic imaging systems. The nature of projects may range from new product development, technology development, concept engineering, and improving existing product features. Strong grasp on the fundamentals of optical imaging system design, hands-on experience in prototyping complete optical imaging systems, critical thinking & troubleshooting skills, team-player with effective communication skills and solution-oriented approach are some of the key attributes that are expected from the person.

    This is a unique opportunity for a motivated and talented individual to experience a fast-paced career growth by gaining invaluable product development experience for multiple organizations due to the nature of projects.

    Compensation and Benefits: Salary and Title will be commensurate with experience and skills. Base salary ranges from $95k- 140k depending upon experience. Employees will participate in performance bonus plan. Catapult Sky offers competitive medical, dental and vision benefits.

    Although we are a small company, we offer some unique advantages and growth opportunities such as:

    • Extremely fast paced learning and career growth because you work on high impact diverse projects.
    • Ideal place if you have entrepreneurial mindset. You will be encouraged to develop new technology and product ideas, write grants etc.
    • Much greater flexibility to publish articles, follow your passions, participate and volunteer in professional organizational activities such as in SPIE or OPTICA.

    The role is based in Solon, OH (Greater Cleveland Area). To apply for this position, please send your resume to: careers@catapultsky.com 


    • PhD in Optics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Engineering or similar fields with 0-7 years of relevant industry experience; or MS in the above-mentioned fields with 3-10 years of relevant industry experience.
    • Strong fundamentals and experience in optics, optical physics, optical instrumentation and system trouble-shooting skills.
    • Demonstrated hands-on experience of designing and building sophisticated optical imaging systems and/or prototypes.
    • Strong expertise in one of the two following areas: 1. Development of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging, and 2. Proficiency in using optical design tools such as ZEMAX or Code V.
    • Self-driven, entrepreneurial mindset and ability to make progress despite ambiguity.

    Desired Skills & Attributes

    • Strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems.
    • Experience in developing imaging devices and products that required synchronized data collection and instrument control.
    • Mathematical modeling skills to simulate experimental results using Matlab, C++ , Python etc.
    • Experience with image processing, machine learning and algorithm development.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and communicate effectively (written and verbal) across multiple locations and teams.
    • Familiarity with product development in medical device industry and good documentation practices.

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