1. Split-Window OCT biometry in pseudophakic eyes

    Split-Window OCT biometry in pseudophakic eyes

    Purpose: To determine the utility of Split-Window optical coherence tomography OCT (SW-OCT) biometry in measuring ocular axial dimensions as well as imaging the intraocular lens (IOL) and posterior capsule in pseudophakic eyes. Methods: Sixty-nine pseudophakic eyes of 69 subjects were enrolled in the study. The results of SW-OCT biometry implemented in the SD OCT device for posterior and anterior segment imaging (REVO NX, Optopol Technology) were compared with those obtained with the SS-OCT-based biometer IOLMaster 700 (Carl Zeiss Meditec). Differences in measurement values between the two biometers were determined using the paired t-test. Agreement was assessed through intraclass correlation coefficients ...

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