1. Ultra-broadband wavelength-swept Ti:sapphire crystal fiber laser

    Ultra-broadband wavelength-swept Ti:sapphire crystal fiber laser

    An ultra-broadband wavelength-swept laser (WSL) was generated using glass-clad Ti:sapphire crystal fiber as the gain media. Due to the low signal propagation loss of the crystal fiber, the swept laser has a tuning bandwidth of 250 nm (i.e., 683 nm to 933 nm) at a repetition rate of 1200 Hz. The steady-state and pulsed dynamics of the WSL were analyzed. The 0.018-nm instantaneous linewidth corresponds to a 3-dB coherence roll-off of 7 mm. When using the laser for swept-source optical coherence tomography, an estimated axial resolution of 1.8 µm can be achieved.

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