1. West Coast-based Volcano opens East Coast HQ in Billerica

    West Coast-based Volcano opens East Coast HQ in Billerica
    San Diego-based medical software and imaging systems maker Volcano Corp. sees the Bay State as a promising place to do business and will be expanding its research and manufacturing footprint in Massachusetts, as it makes the Bay State its East Coast headquarters. In December, Volcano bought out 90-strong Axsun Inc. of Billerica for $21.5 million. Privately held Axsun primarily made systems to monitor signal quality for the telecommunications industry. However, its portfolio also included medical lasers and optical engines that relied on optical coherence tomography.
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    1. We've decided to make Billerica a focus of our East Coast efforts.
    2. The fact of the matter is, our systems are so complex, involving business consoles, software development, hardware, cabling and interfaces with X-ray machines, the type of engineering required is diverse.
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