1. OCT Engineering Manager Opening at PhotoniCare

    OCT Engineering Manager Opening at PhotoniCare


    PhotoniCare is a fast-growing VC funded MedTech company with a mission to improve health outcomes using cutting edge technology. We have developed the first FDA-cleared OCT-based imaging system, OtoSight Middle Ear Scope, for assisting diagnosis of ear infections, a condition that affects 80% of children. The company operates with a philosophy of providing a fun, exciting and collaborative work environment for all team members. PhotoniCare also makes dedicated efforts towards professional and personal growth of all its team.

    We are looking for an engineering manager specializing in OCT to join our team and help shape the platform that will enable a host of new clinical markets for OCT, starting with our OtoSight Middle Ear Scope.

    You will…

    • Manage large scale product development projects across a multidisciplinary engineering team from conception to production:

                o create and oversee project budgets, resources and delivery schedules
                o develop product requirements and specifications
                o lead the high-level systems design of multidisciplinary products and components
                o lead the technical design of optical and opto-electronic components
                o manage the FDA design controls process for new and existing products
                o prepare regulatory submissions

    • Ensure the highest product quality through continual product design and manufacturing process enhancements.
    • Develop and maintain key supplier relationships for collaboration on product development.
    • Develop and maintain PhotoniCare intellectual property for key technologies and designs

    You are…

    • An engineer who is achievement driven and focused on enabling customer success
    • Familiar with OCT optical systems and OCT system design
    • Familiar with Zemax or other optical simulation applications
    • Familiar with Solidworks or other mechanical CAD applications
    • (Preferred) familiar with medical device development and related processes, such as:

                 o Risk management (ISO 13485)
                 o Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
                 o Regulatory submissions (FDA 510(k))
                 o Usability Engineering (ISO 62366)

    • (Preferred) familiar with endoscope and similar light delivery schemes

    You will learn….

    • How to build at startup-pace in a highly regulated design environment
    • How to bring a medical device from conception to production
    • How the application of agile methodology allows rapid development of valuable products and features.
    • How to navigate and apply regulatory requirements and processes

    Contact: aforward@photoni.care

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