1. Luneau takes on global name of Visionix

    Luneau takes on global name of Visionix

    Luneau Technology Group announced at Vision Expo East that Visionix is its new global name. Visionix is now a “house of brands,” Milbien Medina , Visionix senior director of brand marketing North America, told Healio. As of March 31, Visionix encompasses the formerly individual brands of Luneau Technology , Briot, Weco, Visionix, Next Sight and Optovue, Medina said. The new company will now oversee manufacturing, sales and service for all brands. At Vision Expo East, Visionix also introduced the Eye Refract and VX650 combination system that can provide a full eye exam in 10 minutes, Medina said. The second-generation Eye Refract is ...

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