1. Nail-Patella Syndrome: Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Findings

    Nail-Patella Syndrome: Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Findings

    We describe a 51-year-old Hispanic female with nail-patella syndrome (NPS), a rare genetic disease with a wide range of systemic features such as nail dysplasia and finger abnormalities, elbow webbing, iliac horn, patellar subluxation, and proteinuria. Some patients additionally have a history of glaucoma and other ocular features such as thick central corneal thickness, Lester’s sign, prominent iris processes, and optic nerve cupping. Our patient had a history of glaucoma suspicion, prominent iris processes, increased cup to disc ratios, tilted optic discs, and tigroid fundi. In addition, we report optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) findings of focal areas of ...

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