1. Feature Of The Week 5/31/09: Evaluation of oral vascular anomalies using optical coherence tomography

    Feature Of The Week 5/31/09: Evaluation of oral vascular anomalies using optical coherence tomography

    Feature Of The Week 5/31/09: The continued technological and application progress in the field of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is rapidly bringing to fruition the concept of an optical biopsy – the ability to non-invasively image in-situ tissue at a resolution approaching histopathology. There are numerous applications for an optical biopsy including in the oral vascular where researchers from the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan, Santec, and Tokyo Medical and Dental University have shown interesting results using a hand-held scanner. These slides present results from a recent study whose purpose was to present the first OCT images of oral vascular anomalies using an SS-OCT system with a handheld scanner that was newly developed, and to discuss the application of OCT system for oral soft tissues. Knowledge of the size and area of the vascular structures can be useful for the diagnosis and choice of the best treatment. Prior to the excision, oral vascular malformations were assessed by OCT in vivo. Histopathological sections were compared with the OCT images in order to obtain clinical–pathological correlations. OCT provided clear images of all the vascular lesions examined. An example case study showed sharply demarcated lesions that were observed in good correlation with the histopathology. OCT images provide information on subsurface structure non-invasively otherwise obtainable only by histology. The analysis of oral vascular lesions by OCT provides new insights for non-invasive diagnosis and can be helpful in the selection of the most appropriate treatment. Courtsey of Dr. Nobuyoshi Ozawa, Dr. Yasunori Sumi, Changho Chong, and Dr. Tohru Kurabayashi. For more information see recent article.

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