1. £10 test at Stratford Specsavers saved my life from brain tumour

    £10 test at Stratford Specsavers saved my life from brain tumour

    The 55-year-old from Stratford thanks his lucky stars every day now after a scan revealed he needed urgent medical attention and, after various tests, a nine-hour operation to remove a tumour. Matt admits he ignored the warning signs and put his dizzy spells and constant headache down to getting old when the reality was he had a tumour the size of a golf ball growing in his head. Even his seven-year-old Doberman, Zeb, had tried warning Matt about the cancerous growth by licking and sniffing his head when they were sat in the car after their daily walk. Matt did ...

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    1. For the cost of two posh coffees you could have a test that could save your eyesight and it only takes 30 minutes.
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