1. Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader Opening at Aquyre Biosciences

    Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader Opening at Aquyre Biosciences



    Job Title: Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader / Manager (Clinical Data, AI, Device)

    Date: December 2021 Contract: Full-time

    Location: Paris with trips to Boston

    Salary: Competitive based on skills and experience

    Qualification: BS in Computer Science or equivalent engineering fields

    Minimum experience: 10 years

    LLTech – Aquyre Biosciences

    LLTech / Aquyre develops and sells systems that capture data from fresh biopsies, in the operating room, for real-time biopsy assessment and cancer diagnosis. Our unique data provides information on intracellular activity. The main applications are in the diagnosis of cancer such as lung, breast, prostate, liver

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Build and Manage software development team
    • Build software requirements and design control requirements
    • Writing/translating business requirements into technical tasks
    • Coordinate with hardware development team on control systems development
    • Design, develop, implement, and maintain key software components Support current software for hardware control, data acquisition, processing, visualization, testing, and internal/external tools
    • Define and execute software test plans Manage build/release systems and testing frameworks
    • Collaborate with other product teams to deploy solutions to address customer needs
    • Lead and ensure excellent execution of software development life cycle process Developing software applications for medical devices adhering to the company’s QMS inclusive of US FDA and IEC 62304

    Required Qualifications:

    • BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or related scientific discipline, or equivalent practical experience
    • 10+ years of experience in software development in medical device industry
    • Core skills: C/C++, Python, OpenCV, LabView, GPU/CUDA, DICOM, MATLAB,
    • Experience utilizing Agile development methodologies using Git and Jira
    • Skills and experiences in data acquisition, signal and image processing, system control and automation, unit and integration testing, and software development methodologies
    • Ability to develop and document deliverables compliant with company design control and regulatory statutes
    • Experience in software development life cycle process for medical device
    • Experience in going through regulatory process FDA and CE
    • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Working knowledge in optical imaging and medical imaging systems
    • Hands on experience with data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and distributed systems fundamentals
    • Experience with hardware control systems including multi-axis positioning systems
    • Working experience in fast storage and GPU computing
    • Hands on experience with cloud architecture and cloud computing
    • Excellent communication and document writing skills
    • Excellent team management skills
    • Pro-active and demonstrate capabilities to propose, develop and implement technical solution

    Send resume and cover letter to jobs@aquyre.com


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