1. Optical Coherence Tomographic Results at Six-Month Follow-Up Evaluation of the Catania Coronary Stent System With NanoThin Polyzene-F Surface Modification (from the Assessment of The LAtest Non-Thrombogenic Angioplasty Stent [atlanta] Trial)

    Drug-eluting stents were devised as an answer to restenosis, but research has shown that the eluting drug can interfere with the blood vessel's healing process, thus increasing the risk of stent thrombosis. A stent coated with the new proprietary polymer Polyzene-F, is a novel technical solution that promises to decrease in-stent restenosis and tackle the risk of thrombosis. Fifty-five patients were enrolled in the first clinical human study (ATLANTA registry), addressing the short-term follow-up results of the CATANIA stent with Polyzene-F. As a part of the study protocol, 15 patients were randomly assigned to optical coherence tomographic (OCT) examination ...
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