1. Analysis of FAZ in Diabetic Retinopathy Using OCT Angiography

    Analysis of FAZ in Diabetic Retinopathy Using OCT Angiography

    OCTA is superior to other retinal imaging techniques like fluorescein angiography(FA) as it does not require dye injection, Intravenous dye injection is time consuming and can have adverse side effects. Furthermore, the edges of the capillaries can become blurred due to dye leakage and imaging of the retina can only be 2D when using FA. OCTA provides both structural and functional (i.e. blood flow) information in tandem. The "corresponding" OCT b-scans can be co-registered with the simultaneous OCT angiograms so the operator is able to scroll through the OCT angiogram like a cube scan. As a result, the ...

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