1. Analysis of Parainflammation in Chronic Glaucoma Using Vitreous-OCT Imaging

    Analysis of Parainflammation in Chronic Glaucoma Using Vitreous-OCT Imaging

    Glaucoma causes blindness due to the progressive death of retinal ganglion cells. The immune response chronically and subclinically mediates a homeostatic role. In current clinical practice, it is impossible to analyse neuroinflammation non-invasively. However, analysis of vitreous images using optical coherence tomography detects the immune response as hyperreflective opacities. This study monitors vitreous parainflammation in two animal models of glaucoma, comparing both healthy controls and sexes over six months. Computational analysis characterizes in vivo the hyperreflective opacities, identified histologically as hyalocyte-like Iba-1+ (microglial marker) cells. Glaucomatous eyes showed greater intensity and number of vitreous opacities as well as dynamic fluctuations ...

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