1. Transient-mode photothermal optical coherence tomography

    Transient-mode photothermal optical coherence tomography

    Photothermal optical coherence tomography (PT-OCT) is an emerging extension of OCT, which forms images based on both scattering and absorption of light. The speed of PT-OCT, however, has been limited by the necessity for lock-in detection with extensive temporal sampling of the sample’s PT response. Here, we demonstrate transient-mode PT-OCT (TM-PT-OCT), which increases the effective A-line rate by orders of magnitude from 10–100 Hz to 1.5–7.5 kHz, by interrogating the sample’s transient thermal response to a single diode laser pulse. Functional imaging of moving samples with TM-PT-OCT at video rate is also presented. This ...

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