1. Principal/Senior Optical Engineer at Tesseract

    Principal/Senior Optical Engineer at Tesseract

    Principal/Senior Optical Engineer

    Location: TBD

    About Us

    Tesseract’s mission is to democratize healthcare delivery to everyone on a global scale. We are reinventing medical devices to leverage the health information in the human eye and championing a new era of healthcare by creating portable, affordable, easy to use, connected devices for early disease detection and monitoring. Tesseract is well-funded and recently raised a series B round of $80M.

    We are part of 4Catalyzer - a rapidly growing health-tech incubator founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, an award-winning scientist and highly successful serial entrepreneur. Our 4Catalyzer sister companies include Butterfly Network, the first whole-body Ultrasound-on-ChipTM, and Hyperfine, the first FDA-cleared portable MRI. We are fostering a culture of technical excellence and positive teamwork to solve real-world problems that help improve healthcare for billions of people around the world.

    Joining Tesseract is the opportunity to redesign the future of healthcare through the power of technology. Join us on this journey to maximize global impact, motivated by the idea that our products will change lives, including the ones of people you love.

    What We Live By

    • Patients First: We are driven to make products that will improve people’s lives.
    • Data-Driven: We search for the best solutions: objective, backed by data, and optimized for speed, simplicity and scale.
    • Team-Oriented: We collaborate with and support each other every step of the way.

    What You Will Be Doing

    As the Senior/Principal Optical Engineer, you will play a critical role in helping the company achieve its mission of using the eye as a window to health for democratizing healthcare. The optical engineering position will develop innovative solutions for imaging and sensing the eye. The position will work closely with a team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers to design, prototype and transfer novel imaging techniques to manufacturing.

    As part of our team, your core responsibilities will be to:

    • Optical design to support complex ophthalmic imaging systems using appropriate simulations tools
    • Working closely with electrical, mechanical, and software teams to ensure optimal system performance
    • Supporting bench prototypes to demonstrate capabilities of the designs
    • Working closely with product management to understand user requirements and translating into specifications
    • Following medical device design and development processes to allow traceability and team-wide collaboration
    • Participating in design for manufacturing efforts and enhancing designs based on manufacturability.
    • Understanding cost and performance tradeoffs 
    • Participating in generating new intellectual property for the company
    • Team and goal oriented while embracing shared values and being excited about team’s mission to democratize healthcare

    What We Are Looking For

    Baseline Skills, Experiences, & Attributes

    • 10 years of experience in optical design including lens design, optimization, tolerance analysis, sequential and non-sequential analysis, physical optics propagation, fiber optics and others
    • 5 years of experience in devices related to imaging, treatment or other expertise related to ophthalmics. Strong background in ophthalmic optics required
    • Fluency in utilization of optical design tools like Zemax, Code V etc. Over 10 years of experience required
    • Strong understanding of practical aspects of optical systems, including understanding of opto-mechanics systems, light sources including lasers, SLDs, LEDs and their drive characteristics, light sensors including CCDs, APDs and others
    • Demonstrated teamwork ability including working harmoniously in cross functional teams to achieve company level objectives is a must

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Strong background in molecular sensing techniques like spectroscopy, fluorescence and related is highly preferred.
    • Masters or higher degrees in a domain related to optical science or engineering are highly preferred.
    • Background in medical devices and understanding of ISO 13485 and FDA regulations is strongly preferred. Minimum 5 years in the medical device industry are highly preferred

    Full positing: https://boards.greenhouse.io/tesseract/jobs/4731983003

    Contact: nmohan@tesseracthealth.com

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