1. Luneau Technology Group merges with Optovue

    Luneau Technology Group merges with Optovue

    Luneau Technology Group announced that its merger with Optovue Inc. will enable the two companies to offer a comprehensive portfolio of health solutions to eye care providers.

    “We’re two agile companies with a startup mentality of innovation and flexibility,” Marc Abitbol, PhD, CEO of the newly merged company, said in a press release. “Together, we now have a full pipeline that covers everything for visual health. Optovue’s OCT expertise, stellar reputation and primary position in the medical eye care market and complementary portfolio of products make us an ideal partner, so our combined company can offer complete end-to-end solutions in retail, refraction and medical markets for primary eye care.”

    According to the press release, the merged company has combined sales of $176 million and 700 employees in 120 countries. While Luneau Technology Group is based in France, the company said in the press release that North America, with the largest ophthalmic market, will be its primary focus. Optovue CEO Peter Wyles will join the global leadership team.

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