1. Several Open Positions at the ZEISS Lab @ Medical University of Vienna

    Several Open Positions at the ZEISS Lab @ Medical University of Vienna

    The ZEISS Lab is a joint research initiative between the Medical University of Vienna and ZEISS. As an expansion of a successful, over 30yearlong collaboration, it was established in 2018. With a focus on ophthalmology and surgical microscopy, we are investigating technologies that hold the potential to disrupt the way medicine is practiced. To grow and strengthen our team, we are currently seeking highly talented students and postdocs.

    We offer cutting-edge research projects at the interface between industry and academia as well as deep involvement in the innovation process of a leading medical device company. You can expect an excellent research infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment and access to world-class clinical departments.

    You want to start an exciting career in academia and industry and gather first leadership experience? You are looking for an inspiring setting to develop and contribute your knowledge, skills and ideas to projects that strive to positively impact patients’ lives?

    Check out our recent job postings: HERE 

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