1. Catheter-based intraluminal optical coherence tomography (OCT) and endoluminal ultrasound (elus) in the delineation of different wall layers of porcine ureters ex vivo

    Objectives Catheter-guided optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new means of intraluminal microstructural imaging, with a spatial resolution of 10–20 μm. We compared the distinction of tissue layers of several porcine ureters ex vivo using OCT and endoluminal ultrasound (ELUS). Materials and methods Fresh porcine ureters and kidneys were obtained from the municipal slaughterhouse. They were cannulated with a 7 Fr-catheter sheath, flushed with normal saline solution, and marked on the outside with a surgical suture. Images were obtained between marked positions from within the ureter lumen by means of OCT (M1, LightLab Imaging, Inc., Westford, MA, USA) and ...
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